Asif and his family are ready to travel if Covid and finances will allow it

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Can we help to bring an end to this living hell for this family?


Abandoning Islam is considered as crime of apostasy in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, but Asif and his wife had stoicly chosen to accept the risk of living an authentic life as non-believers regardless. Sharia Law dictates that citizens have an obligation to kill apostates like them. His own extended family took that obligation seriously, issuing a religious edict against them and hunting them down. Asif and his wife are constantly on the run, using anonymous identities and not having a stable home. 

July 2021 – Gradually travel bans are lifted to some countries, and the family has recovered from Covid. Asif joined this community and chose an alias that tells us a lot about his current life: burried-alive is pretty accurate what their life is like. Asif is dreaming he and his wife can go outside in broad daylight again, to let his 5 year older daughter play in the sun, with children of her own age, and to go to school. There is a plan, there are options to travel on August 13. All he needs is a bit of luck that Covid doesnt spoil it all again and closes the borders, and budget to travel and start a new life.

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