Atheist Society of Uganda

The Atheist Society of Uganda is a small group that unites atheists of Uganda. We unite ex-Muslims and ex-Christians. Many atheists in Uganda face discrimination, embarrassment, torture, neglect, and being expelled from their families.

The Uganda government supports theism over atheism because in the Islamic religion you can be killed if you convert to another belief. We need support to become self-sufficient.

We are currently 20 in number where 12 are female and 8 are men. We have 8 ex-Muslims in our group. Among the ex-Muslims we have one who was undergoing imam training in Saudi Arabic and was also teaching an Islamic school in Kasese town. With your support, we will achieve our vision and mission.

We started this atheist society with an aim of overcoming theism and proclaiming humanistic ethics and values.

Support our project: Empowerment and entrepreneurship for Ugandan atheists

Many atheists are unemployed because of discrimination. Masika Moreen founded the Atheist Society of Uganda to empower a group of atheists to become self-sufficient. See her call for help and support if you can.

With this budget, the Atheists of Uganda will buy welding kits and rods, and sewing machines. By providing training to unemployed atheists they will build a better future for the community.

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