How the SUN helped Asif and his family survive

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And how we can help their unborn baby to be born in freedom?

Series about how SUN helped community members in 2021

In december 2020 we were contacted by Asif from Pakistan. He was desperate because he and his family had to hide in a secret place. After coming out as an atheist to his family, he was molested and hospitalized by a group of Muslim extremists. His life was at risk, every time he would leave the house. So he couldn’t support his family anymore. And fleeing the country was impossible, because of Covid and visa restrictions. (Read episode 1)

With help of the SUN community, we have supported them since with living costs, and planning a way to escape the country. In August of this year, they almost succeeded (episode 2 and episode 3): We bought tickets for them to travel to Brazil, and the visa application process was started. Then bad luck struck again. The disastrous take-over of the Taliban in Afghanistan made de Brazilian embassy decide they could only accept applications from Afghans that needed to leave the region. Luckily Asif could get the money back from his tickets, and that helped them survive till the end of the year.

And in december this year, they finally succeeded to leave the country. Away from their suffocating apartment, that they could only leave at night. Leaving behind the violent Muslim protests that took place regularly in their area in Lahore. And getting a glimpse of what living in freedom can be like, where their daughter finally could play outside again. After a year, can you imagine?

But Turkey isn’t very welcoming to ex-Muslim, Pakistan refugees. So the chance they can get a residents permit their is practically zero. With your help we hope to give the family a chance to reach freedom at last. They plan to travel to South America. Asif’s wife is pregnant. Most South American countries have birth-right-laws: when their new baby is born there, the family will get a residence permit and can finally start building up a new life.

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