“Sometimes when we listen to her we cry. She desperately needs to play outside”

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Abandoning Islam is considered as crime of apostasy in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, but Asif and his wife had stoicly chosen to accept the risk of living an authentic life as non-believers regardless. Sharia Law dictates that citizens have an obligation to kill apostates like them. His own extended family took that obligation seriously, issuing a religious edict against them and hunting them down. Asif and his wife are constantly on the run, using anonymous identities and not having a stable home. 

Case: Asif & family from Pakistan
Start date: december 2020
Support: living costs and finding a way out of Pakistan
Budget needed: monthly rent and living costs € 450 and funding to travel and start a new life
Funded (August 2021): € 8.841 for living costs, hospitalization, medicine, travel and visa

Asif is a member of this community. If you want to get in touch or have a question for him, you can ask him directly via his profile page. If you want to support this family and others to build up a new live, please sponsor.

A Pakistani atheist hiding from a death warrant issued by his family is on the verge of a new life in a safe country. Asif, his wife, and daughter have tickets for a flight to Brazil provided by SUN and supporters like you.

“We’re very much excited,” said Asif (an alias to protect his identity) in a recent chat. “At least we can start our new life and our darling daughter can grow up – she can go to school and we’ll work and do family planning. We’re very happy and thankful to everyone who helped us without knowing us.”

The family has a Visa meeting on August 25th and the flight to freedom for this atheist in hiding is on September 8th. Until that day Asif will be feeling elation and anxiety. “We’re very happy and worried also. We don’t know what will happen at the airport on the 8th but my travel agent said no need to worry his man will help us at the airport,” Asif explained.

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Meanwhile, the death fatwa issued by Asif’s family is still out there and they must continue all precautions to keep them safe. “We don’t go outside at day time. Last time we went to buy clothes for Brazil and we went at night and all the time we were wearing double masks. (My wife) covered her face and head with veil and I was wearing a cap,” said Asif.

“Safety is our first priority. Now we don’t have much time and we can’t take any risk here. After shopping, we even didn’t go outside at night also. We’re just counting remaining days all the time.”

Playing outside is something Asif’s daughter can only dream of

Being in hiding has been hard on their daughter, said Asif. “Sometimes when we listen to her we cry. She desperately needs to play outside, she wants to know what’s going on outside, she wants to make friends. She had made a big list for what she will do in Brazil.”

At the other end in Brazil is a SUN contact who is making things happen on the ground. The Sun contact has advised that Asif’s family locate to a smaller city in Brazil and has suggested several options. Language will be an issue as English is not widely spoken outside large Brazilian cities.

The news of a move to freedom is a stark contrast to the spring when the family was in hiding and Asif’s wife was hospitalized with COVID-19. His wife is recovered and looking forward to the move.

Asif is grateful for the help from SUN and as a member of the SUN community he looks forward to helping those who are in the same situation as his family once he begins his new life.

“I want all donors to believe that SUN is really helping everyone who is in need and encourages them to donate more for others who are in trouble and danger. A lot of ex-muslims face threats and are in danger. We feel really very lucky that we have someone who’s helping us.”

SUN and Asif continue to need your help. Money is needed for transportation and resettling costs. Donate today and make Asif’s dream of freedom this September a reality.

Help Ali travel to freedom and donate

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